Initiated by China Film Archive jointly with Huaxia, Wanda, EDKO in October, 2016, Nationwide Alliance of Art-house Cinemas (aka NAAC) is a pioneer cinema-link partnership mode for art film distribution all over the country. NAAC aims at providing an exclusive platform for showing quality Chinese and foreign films to domestic audiences. By October, 2019, 3617 screens of 3020 cinemas in 333 cities around China have joined in.


Nationwide Alliance of Arthouse Cinemas (aka NAAC) is the first circuit of cinemas specializing in screening of art-house films in China. NAAC is initiated by China Film Archive, and supported by the Government. It aims to provide a regular platform for screening art-house films; and to bring more diversity to China film market.

NAAC now has a number of theaters under its management throughout China. The number of screens in the alliance would reach 500 by 2017. All members of NAAC are required to schedule at least 7 screenings at prime time each week.

Distribute films in NAAC

NAAC is provided by China Film Archive (CFA) with a large number of high quality films. The films presented by NAAC include Award winners from the major international film festivals, and new works of the film auteur. CFA has been attending major film markets like EFM, Cannes, and Tiff seeking specialty titles, classic titles and theatrical documentaries.

We have passionate and expertise to cooperate with right owners and international sales agents whose films seeking to be released in China.


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